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About Us

 I believe God has called me to serve wherever there is need and in obedience to his command "therefore go and make disciples of all nations"  Matthew 28:19.  I believe Norton FUMC is and will be a launching ground where missioners go forth to tell the goodies of what God is doing in our midst.  God loves and means well for you as his people.      Rev. Dr. Eve Mugambi

Our Pastor:   Rev. Dr. Eve Mugambi
Pastor Eve photo

Pastor Eve and family:  Marianne, Prudence & husband George.

  • Born and raised in Kenya 

  • Began preaching as a Junior in High school in the Kenya Methodist Church

  • Graduated from Kenya Methodist Training Institute & Kenya Methodist University

  • Ordained to serve in the Kenya Methodist Church & served for 10 years

  • Came to US with desire to be more equipped for ministry

  • Received Masters  in pastoral care & counseling at Asbury Theological Seminary in Kentucky

  • PhD from  Luther Theological Seminary

Norton FUMC Staff

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       Mary Kay Woodyard                                      

     Christian Education Coordinator                                          

  Connie Green


        Office Manager


Norton  FUMC
Body of Christ

  Due to Covid Restrictions,  Greeters, Litergists and  Acolytes are scheduled week by week. Please check periodically for changes.

Lay Leaders:   Suzi Koch,   Kandis Jackson

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